Welcome to My New Blog

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Well, this is my maiden voyager into the world of Web Logging. I must say it's pretty exciting. I don't usually like to get into the trend of the moment, but I realize that using this style of personal web page will make it infinitely easier for me to manage. If you are familiar with my old homepage, you'll know that it hadn't had an update in almost two years. There was a time when life was less busy and bandwidth was much more abundant. Ahh yes, I do miss the original Geeklair.

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to transform this blog into a functional web site all about my world. I will be moving over all of my old photo albums and adding a few new ones by the end of the week. Keep checking back for updates, it was a busy summer and I have a lot to share.


Glad to see you on board :)

Good deal, I'm glad to see you blogging! I've added link. 8^)

"maiden voyageR" -- Freudian slip?