I'm Back

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Wow, things have been crazy over the last couple of weeks. I almost forgot I had a blog. I don't have a lot to say though. Last night I uploaded a few Photo Albums from the wedding. I' still working on the format so I haven't officially linked them to my Photo Album page but so many people have been asking about pictures I though I would post the links here.

The Night Before the Wedding
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception

Over the weekend, I will be putting together an all new Detroit Piston's Web Log complete with game by game commentary. I know there aren't too many Piston's fans who read this blog so, if you know one, make sure to send them over when it's ready.

Oh one last random comment. I switched two new people to the world of Mac this week. The CDW domination is accelerating rapidly. I've now managed to completely switch 6 people. I also have a scattering of iPod people who are on the cusp. I wish I had the 3 man conversion machine with me, but I must say, I am doing a modest job.



If you are doing commentary.... you know what must be done. Do I get color or play by play?

I think I should do Play by Play. You would be better at color cause you know more about basketabll in general. I know Pistons only.

Agreed. Marv and Mike won't know what him em. You still should've joined by Fantasy NBA league. Wait till you see my team. Of course I took Ben over KG, Duncan, Mcgrady etc. Enjoy the game. Don't get beat up.

Nice pics!