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The Cubs almost spoiled the premiere for me tonight. Fortunately they lost the game in the 8th and it ended a little early. That was a great episode. The show has gotten very dark and much more mature. Cloe's hair is a bit strange but she's remains oddly attractive. I forgot how much the show sucks when it ends though. They always leave you hanging. Grrrrr. Oh well, I still have to get to this weeks Enterprise on Tivo.

Speaking of Enterprise, I missed last weeks episode cause aparently "Star Trek" was added to the official show's title. Tivo's season pass feature must not be smart enough to figure that out. Oh well, I'm still waiting for Scott Bakula to stop sucking. Sometimes he's as bad as William Shatner. Come on Phil, admit it!


1. I stopped watching Smallville becasue it got dumb, is it not dumb anymore?

2. Stupid listing thing bit me too (even though the Replay was set to match on 'Enterprise' so it should have still matched "Star Trek: Enterprise")... oh well.

3. Bakula isn't _that_ bad ;-)

Bummer, you missed some hot girl_on_vulvan/girl action.. 8^)

I think putting the 2 on the same level on the suck-o-meter is a bit of a "Quantum Leap"....