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Is this really all I have to do.......?


Wow, check this out!

Israeli Rabbi Offers Prayer for Web Porn Browsers

Guilt free "pr0ning." I not sure if it'll work for me that because I have yet to be overcome with guilt. Oh well, it's worth a try. I figure I'll just write an AppleScript that will speak the prayer whenever I visit a questionable site. This cool, don't you wish you were Jewish?!

MacWorld the San Francisco Treat


MacWorld the San Francisco Treat

It's day two on the Macworld trip and it's been a blast so far. We're staying at the hotel Nikko and it's frist class all the way. The rooms are a good size and it has a great bathroom with a separate tub and shower. We even have a stereo and DVD player. Never seen that before. The highlight so far has definitely been the Keynote presentation. Yesterday I got to see Steve Jobs live on stage for the first time in 6 previous trips to Macworld. We got up at 5:45 AM and got in line for the keynote at 6:30. We waited in line for hours but it was all worth it. I would have liked a few more hardware announcements and a cheaper price point for the mini iPod but Steve put on a great show. It was amazing to watch the crowd react like pop music fans to everything Steve said and did. The experience was just really cool.

After the keynote, it was off to work the show at my company's booth. I've been coming to Macworld since I was in High School for vacation so it was quite surreal to be an official exhibitor. I used to pace the show floor trying to scam free software from exhibitors using crazy concocted stories, and promises of large orders. I never thought I'd be on the other end listening to all the crazy show goers looking for freebees. I guess what goes around comes around. It's been a great experience though, and I've met some great co-workers in the process. I even spent some good time talking with my CEO. He's a pretty cool guy. I look forward to getting know everyone better over the next few days. Well off to bed, more show in the morning.


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The day is almost here. I will be meeting up with Daniel Luke in San Francisco for the MacWorld Expo on Monday. Although I have been to a quite a few Expo's, this year is going to be particularly special. This will be the first year that I will be working show. My company CDW is putting up a booth to represent their recent acquisition of MacWarehouse and I was asked to be a staff geek. So, not only am I going to MacWorld, but CDW is picking up the tab. Doesn't get any better than that. There will be about 10 other co-workers staffing the booth, working with me. The funny thing is, those people are all thinking of this as a business trip. For me, it's an exceptional company paid vacation. Half of all the vacations I've been on in my life have been to a MacWorld Expo, Boston, NY or San Fran. Best of all, for the first time ever, Daniel and I will be at the Steve Jobs Keynote. I can hardly contain my excitement. I feel like a teeny bopper a New Kids on the Block concert. The Legendary Steve Job's live on stage announcing NEW APPLE PRODUCTS.

Speaking of new products, the rumors have been flying but nothing real solid has come up. Usually around this time the sites have mostly everything nailed. So far, it looks like there will be a few new iPods and some new and updated iApps. As always I'm hoping for that one surprise product...... I don't want to speculate, and honestly I don't care what it is. As long as I can afford it, I'll buy it. Well, that's it for now, if any of the 2 other people besides Daniel, that read this Blog will be in the SF are next week, stop by the CDW booth and say hello.
Danny Fayne