Today I'm 27

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I'm 27 today. To me 27 is one of those numbers with little significance. I have 3 years left before Daniel can really put meaning behind his most favorite insult. For those of you who don't know, Daniel likes to say, "you're ooooolllld!!" in a way that any Klingon would be proud. Despite the number's insignificance, this has been one incredible year for me personally and I think I finally convinced myself that I am a real live adult. The kind that people call sir, and mister. That all sounds weird but I suppose the events of year 26 make it official.

I've been in Chicago now for almost two and a half years. Life left me with few options, so I took a leap of faith packed up my life in Michigan and hoped for a positive change in the windy city. I have to admit, the first 18 months here was the toughest time of life. It was a huge adjustment, much bigger than I had ever anticipated. I came to work for a great company, but the job I was hired to do was one that scared me. I was terrified really. I love technology and I have a passion to learn everything I can about it, but direct sales challenged everything about me. I met the challenge, and in year 26 and things began to come together. I have a great job with a great company and a solid career path. Professionally I'm all set, but 26 brought something even more significant.

Over the last few years, I bounced in so many directions. I moved from place to place, college to college, job to job. I haven't been a stranger to change. There was only one thing that remained constant through all of the craziness. She road the roller coaster with me through every twist and turn and in the process I found out that her love was something I couldn't live my life without. So, in year 26 I married my true love. We got married at Disney World in front of our closest family and friends . On that day I became a Husband, and Brooke became my Wife.

Husband and Wife, Sir and Ma'am, Mr. and Mrs. All a bunch of titles that make it unavoidable. I guess I'm finally convinced, I am an adult. Brooke and I even have few "couples friends." We have a pair that make us feel young, and another pair who make us feel old. All in all 26 was an incredible year that became the beginning to the rest of my life. I think there is only one more title I can be called in year 27 that will make it as memorable as 26.


So who exactly makes you feel old? Surely it ain't me and Zandra. I may be 35 with heart problems, but I still have more hair than you!

Ha, you think you're old!? Well, you are

I'm really glad to hear that you're doing well Danny, there was never a doubt that would. 8^)