Charlie Murphy!!!!


I saw Charlie Murphy, Donnell Rawlings, and Bill Burr from the Dave Chappell tonight at Zanies They were all hilarious! Charlie Murphy gave us the expanded versions of the Prince basketball game and few more Rick James adventures. He said, one time, over a two day period at Rick James' house he had so much sex his nuts went flat. He said they looked like a black potato chip. He was about to beat Rick James' ass because of his flat nuts but then Rick James called some girls to lick Charlie Murphy's ass and that took care of it. He went on to tell everyone that he wasn't into ass licking but after a while he got used to it, and it got kinda nice. He told all this with that same straight crazy looking face he has ont he show. Charlie Murphy was great but Bill Burr brought the house down. Hands down one of the best comics I've seen. Finally, Donnell Rawlings better known as Ashy Larry took the stage. He was fantastic also. Give me a call if you wanna know more. It was a great night.