The Season Has Begun

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Last night was fantastic. I'm pretty much a couch potato Monday thru Friday after work. Let me just say, that's a boring way to live life in the summer. Come October, I feel like my life begins again. What I trying to say is, the Detroit Pistons began the preseason last night. Actually the NBA Champion Detroit Pistons began the preseason last night. I still can't get over the sound of that. So, I got home from work last night laid out on the couch, popped the TV on and me an my Pistons went to work. The game definitely had a preseason feel and was a little boring at times but the excitement is back. I loved every minute of it. The new additions all looked promising and the rest of the crew looks poised to take another shot at the title. In the mean time I'm going to sit back and enjoy watching the champs play all year long.

Oh, even though this could or should be a post of it's own I have to say Smallville was incredible last night! Chloe Chloe Chloe.......


You are crazy :)