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I had a great weekend. Brooke and I spent Saturday night at a CDWG awards dinner. The event was at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I had never heard of the place but it is beautiful. Everything was first class. The food and the drinks were excellent, or maybe the drinks were good and so I couldn't tell if the food was good, but it did look good. Anyway, at this awards dinner they give away trips and other prizes randomly and for the first time during my time at CDW I actually won something. We got a 7 day all expense paid trip to anywhere in the 48 states. That's too many choices, I have no clue where to go. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. It's pretty exciting though, Brooke and I don't get a chance to vacation a lot. After the dinner we moved the party over to Mickey Finns in Libertyville. My boss and his girlfriend ended up meeting us there and he and I took turns tormenting each other. So, that was a great way to round out the night.

Unfortunately, Jack Daniels didn't let me out of there until I realized I needed to be up at 7 in the morning so I could make it to cooking class with my friend Brannon. On about 4 hours of off and on sleeping the door bell sprung me to life and we were off to the Calphalon Cullinary Center hang over and all, to learn some knife basics. Despite the hang over I was pretty excited about the class. Brannon and I got gift certificates to the culinary center for Christmas last year and we finally got around to using them. The class was excellent! After all these years, I finally learned how to dice a darn onion the right way and smash garlic into a beautiful sticky mess of garlic goodness. The class was only $80 for 3 hours of professional instruction and it was well worth it. Check out the link above. There are some great classes to take. I think I'm gonna go back for one of the Asian lessons. I love making Stir-fry and although I've cooked it hundreds of times, I know I'm still not doing it right.

Well, it was a busy weekend but I enjoyed every minute of it. I ate and I guess I also made some good food. I hung out with some good people and I actually won something. Hopefully, next weekend, I'll catch up on some sleep and do absolutely nothing. Don't get too excited Brooke, my definition of doing nothing is very different from yours!


see then nothing isn't nothing. nothing is laying around, not leaving the house. so if you have any intention of leaving the house next weekend, that's not nothing. it's might be less than we did this weekend. but less is not nothing.

anyway, i also had fun at the cdwg party (who wouldn't since we won a trip!) i enjoyed meeting many of the faces that go with the names i hear about all the time, and seeing some of the people i've seen before, but haven't in a long time. overall, a very enjoyable weekend.

Hello?? Hi, I'm looking for this guy's website about the Pistons and other cool stuff. Instead I can only find this page about some wuss going to cooking classes. Hmm. Guess I'll keep looking.

Congrats on the trip! Too bad Anchorage isn't an option. ;^)