Brannon's Place

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My good friend Brannon has decided to endevor into the world of blogging. He's had an interesting life growing up all over the world as a military kid and serving quite a few years in the Army himself. If I remember correctly he's lived in Spain, Germany, Greenland, Korea and a few others. Needless to say, Brannon is full of stories. Although I may have heard them all over countless dinners and drunken Saturday nights, I'm looking forward to reading them again for the very first time. Armed with an english degree, and brand new web log I have a feeling Brannon will have a lot of interesting things to say. So, if you're one of the few who read this Weblog take a look at Brannon's Place, the newest addition to the Geeklair family.


I look forward to Brannon to continue to entertain! No pressure there Brannon! :-)

Thanks! Hopefully you and Brooke won't be the only three people that read the damn thing! It's good to know I'm known for telling tales. Hmmmmm