Silicon Valley

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I spent the Weekend at the Apple Campus for a training called Rack and Roll III. The trainings were mostly focused on Apple pro products like Xserv, Xserv RAID, and the Creative Pro apps. I had a good time although It was surreal being at the infamous Apple Campus for business though. There were so many faces that looked familiar from various keynotes and other Apple web casts I've seen. Being in Silicon Valley almost felt like a tour through Washington DC. What I mean is, so much technology history has been made there that I was in a bit of awe. Especially at Apple, thinking that the first Mac was created there, the iMac,and the iPod. The people responsible for their creation were wandering around in there somewhere. That's just cool. Anyway, Apple's a first class company. The conference rooms were great, all of the presenters were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and food was good. Loved the Smart Water