Photo Blocker

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Most of the people who read this blog live in Michigan and don't have do deal with the crazy toll roads. If you do, you have to check this product out. Apparently, this makes it impossible for the toll cameras to photo your license plate. Of course I would never advocate not paying a toll because I have an iPass but every now and then the darn iPass doesn't register. This nifty little spray can help avoid unnecessary tickets and angry calls to customer service. So, I consider this a stress relief device.


Hmmmmmm. Not sure I'd spend my cash on that till somebody I know shows me it works.

There are simple lenses that you can cover your plate with that will prevent overhead or extreme side angle views from reading it (which will also keep a camera from taking your plate picture).

Of course, they're all a bad idea, since when you do eventually get pulled over for speeding some day, no cop is going to let you off with a warning if you have something on you car that can prevent reading of your plate.

See that's the thing though. This spray is completely clear. They would never know it's there.

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT....DO NOT ...DO NOT.... I bought a can and my co-workers bought a can of PhotoBlocker and we all used it on our tags. It didn't work, we have each one gotten a ticket for either speeding or running a red light. It turns your tags yellow and it DOES NOT WORK!!!!! Do Not waste your money on this product, and the company will not give your money back also.

Hey, Danny I have paid for tickets when my ipass transponder didn't work and dammitt that made me mad. To correct this problem you have an unlawful but wonderful solution...but does it work? I would like to buy your product but one of the posts on this site (from Jerry)makes me skeptical. If you can offer me a money back guarantee I will definately consider opening my wallet, however, I will require something in writing. Peace out.

OK, so why is my post not showing up?

Hey Phil, This isn't my product. I don't sell a thing on this blog. I saw this product on another website and I wanted to post a few comments with it. I don't have any experience with it. If you get it, let me know how it works.

I bought my can in canada, tofor use on the 407 on Ontario.
It works, never got a ticket and i did a few thing on purpose, i don't think speeding in school or surface roades is OK, tha should get you a ticket, but for 5-8 KM over on the open highway forgetaboutit.
in canada i got it from

Hay Matt, do you own a pass for the toll?
I had my pass mess up so many times that i bought the spray too.
with the spray on my plate i have had my pass error twice ran the toll and nothing in the mail it has been over a month and a half.