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This is a pretty cool website I found over on I know, most of the people who read my weblog read Phil's as well, but I want to see how this whole trackback thing works.


Hi Danny, I started reading your blog at the beginning of the Pistons season. I'm a huge fan. I'm dating Phillip, and he told me your a huge fan of the Pistons and you probably write about them quite a bit during the season. Phillip has asked me often if I had commented on your posts, but I never had. He said I ought. I saw that you gave citation to something from his blog, so I figured it was the perfect time to comment and introduce myself and tell you that I enjoy your blog. I havent seen a Pistons game for a while. I dont have cable, and I just finished with exams not too long ago, and they kept losing. I see that they have started to comeback a bit, and thats very good. Hopefully I'll see tomorrows game.

Thanks for the nice comments Dawn. Phil and Daniel inspired me with thier weblogs. Although, there isn't much on Daniel's that most human beings can understand. Still, I find the some of the geek talk interesting. Phil has a great mix of geek, politics, and pop culture.

I've been meaning to write more about the Pistons but this season has been pretty frustrating. There was so much promise at the beginning of the season but the brawl and a number of injuries have really created a mess. The team seems so uninterested and thier effort level is minimal compared to last years team. The team is a bit different though and we really do miss Memo, Corliss, and Mike James. They were all great character players and you always knew what you would get from them. Every now and then one of those guys would step up big too. We don't have that extra punch this year. Antonio McDyess, has been slow catching on but he is starting to look more comfotable. Unfortunately, he is our only offense coming off the bench. Delfino is injured and he's just a rookie. I think it'll take him a season before he can be consistant. Other than that, we have to hope Lindsey Hunter can score a few here and there because Dunkin Darvin Ham won't do much and Dupree can't hit the open jumper. Anyway, it's gonna be a long season. Hopefully come playoff time we'll be ready to compete.

Thanks again Dawn. Hopefully I'll get to meet you in person If I can ever get back to Lansing.

It's about time you two met! 8^)

Thanks for the comments on my blog.