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I've been living in Chicago for a little over 3 years now. It's a great city and I was excited to be moving to such a cool town. Since I've been here though I've wanted nothing more than to get back to Detroit. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things about Chicago I love. Downtown Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There's so much to do and see it's overwhelming. I always have a good time down there. It's like going on vacation but in my very own back yard. I love the Mexican food here and of course the Italian beef. Wildfire has become a favorite restaurant of mine second only to Lelli's in Detroit. The food is good but what's a home without friends? Well, we don't have many here in the Windy City. Traversing this vast city in perpetual bumper to bumper traffic makes socializing challenging at best. I live 50 miles north of the city and everyone I know seems to live 50 miles south. However, like anything else, it's the quality not the quantity that counts. So, when we break free of the social shackles we spend most of our time with our really good friends Brannon and Zandra (B & Z ). I can't really call them friends anymore, they're pretty much family. Zandra and I like to pick at each other like squabbling siblings and we both seem to take great pleasure from doing so. Brannon's like my big brother, although he tells stories more like a Grandpa. Not sure what that would make him, but we like him. Anyway, Brannon's sugar mama Zandra has accepted a great new job out in her home state of Missouri. So, they're leaving us for a place where the property is almost free and the mortgage is about the cost of a single cup of coffee every day. It's kind of like sponsoring one of those kids in Africa. Needless to say, we'll miss our favorite friends.

Last weekend while Zandra was breaking in her new life in Missouri, Brooke and I dragged Brannon with us to visit the home town of the Detroit Pistons. We've told him all the stories and raved about all of our favorite restaurants so I was pretty excited to show him around. I had grand plans to feed him some Detroit Chili, a little crazy middle eastern garlic paste, and of course the infamous Lelli's zip sauce. In and around all of the food, I wanted to get him downtown to Diamond Collateral, and of course over the boarder to experience the nightlife in Windsor Canada. Miraculously we fit it all in in under 24 hours. We even managed to find about 3 hours of sleep in there somewhere. Wow, the weekend went really fast, but it was a great time. Showing Brannon around the town and sleeping in my old bedroom for the first time in years brought back a lot of great memories. Now that B & Z are moving to Missouri, Brooke and I really have the bug to move back home. Hopefully sooner than later.

Someone has got to explain this whole trackback thing to me. Anyway, Brannon has posted more details of the trip on his Blog Brannon's Place.


If you're using the bookmarklet from my blog, you can just click it while viewing Branon's blog. You'll get a pop-up menu listing the entries so you can pick one to trackback to.

In any event, you still haven't taken _me_ to Lelli's (or to Diamond Collateral for that matter).

What is bookmarklet? I'll take you to Lelli's and most certainly Diamond Collateral ;) ;)

Daniel, as soon as you are READY to go to Diamond Collateral then I'm sure we can swing in a trip to Lelli's... But from what I know, you aren't quite READY to go there yet... ;-)

Nope, Brooke, you are wrong ;-)

Danny, A bookmarklet is just a little pice of javascript you can put into a bookmark (or bookmark button) in your browser that makes it easier to post to your weblog.

See http://www.geeklair.net/~dluke/archives/000048.html