Interplanetary Pistons

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I guess I took a little break from the blog. I haven't been inspired to write much latley until tonight. The Pistons just batteled and defeated the Wizards in Wasthington tongiht. It was a great game but the real entertainment began when it was over. I'm not sure how to describe this and I don't think I have to, it speaks for itself. Check this out!

Interplanetary Pistions


Man. Turn the spell check on.

Very nice. They've done a few episodes of "Interplanetary Pistons" so far and they're pretty funny. Thanks for posting it, I've downloaded almost every Pistons video you've put on here so far...

Danny, thanks for the kind comment on Phillip's blog. I've been so out of touch with the Pistons this season, aside from following the scores. School has been overwhelming this term. Doing a Moot court competition I've been working on for 2 terms now, and its taken its toll. But, arguments are at the end of February in Ohio, so its almost over! Yeah!