The Big Easy Part II - Celebrating Family

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Oh well, the Hotel sucks. At least we got a room upgrade for free. Although, there's some kind of leak under the carpet in the front foyer so things are a bit wet. House keeping has tried to fix it a few times but I think it's there for atmosphere. We have our very own swamp right in our room. Not too many people can say they've experienced that. Enough about the Hotel. This little trip to New Orleans is a special one. We're not only celebrating Randie-In-law's 60th birthday, but Ms. Jaime-in-law my favorite and only sister got engaged right here in the Garden District on 8th street riding in the back of a mule driven carriage. My brother-in-law to be Jonathan did a excellent job surprising her with out a single hint. Jaime's ring is huge and sparkley. It's been blinding us all day. Congrats to those two, Brooke and I really love hanging out with them. Jonathan has felt like a part of the family for a while now, so it's nice to make things official.

All the celebrations have made this trip really special and we've had a lot fun the last few days. We've been here since Thursday and have already packed a ton into short amount of time. We've seen Bourbon St, eaten a beignet at the Cafe' Dumond, walked the French Market, went hunting for gators in the swamps and played hide in seek in the St. Louis Cemetery. Oh yeah, we stuffed our faces too. Mike Anderson's, Mother's, The Gumbo Shop, and Bacco, and we're looking forward to more. We've got another day and a half left, so after a good night's sleep we're gonna find a few more ways to stuff our stomaches and empty the wallets. When we get back I'll write a little more about all the fun we've had.


Good for Jaime a Jonathan. Send them our best wishes. Looking forward to hearing more about the adventure.

Glad Brooke made it out of the swamp alive. She's about a bite size for a gator. There's a nick name for her. Gatorbite.

Ok, note to self: NEVER make reservations through expedia.

One of my friends 'lives' in New Orleans...shes currently freezing her tush off in Michigan going to law school. I'm going to have to visit her when she goes back...

I can just see Phillip in the same situation with regard to the hotel debacle. What a terrible thing to happen....Forever ban on the Wyndham Whitney hotel!