The Family Sedan

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Last night I picked up a brand new Audi A4 3.0 Quattro. That's right Daniel, it's a true family sedan. Go ahead, laugh it up but this car is sweet! It's loaded up with all wheel drive, XM radio, xeon head lamps, all kinds of power things, a bumpin' Bose sound system and a whole lot of other things I still can't figure out how to use. I've been fortunate to drive a number of great cars over the years. My first was a Ford Probe GT, then I moved on to a sweet little red Celica when I was in college, and after that a Honda Accord Coupe which Daniel affectionately called my, "family sedan." After all the goading from my favorite roommate(The Ass Hole!) I went after something more sporty and got a speedy Acura RSX Type S. The RSX lasted 3 and a half years but despite some sever separation anxiety I replaced sporty and speedy with 4 doors of pure luxury. The A4 packs 3 liters and 220 horses so it holds it's own and it's as smooth as silk. I'm gonna be a spoiled man in this automobile. I've got to thank my wife for this hook up. She works for Volkswagon and the employee lease is a monster deal. It's honestly one of the nicest vehicles I've ever driven including my Dad's Jag XK8. If I ever get around to it I'll post a picture or two. I almost wish I could stay home all week and drive drive dive but this week is far from over. I heading out to New Orleans, the Big Easy, to celebrate Randie In-Law's(Brooke's Mom) 60th Birthday. I'll post all about that when I get back. See ya!


Should have sprung for the S4 (now _that's_ a sweet car ;-) ).

Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

You'll have to drive up and let me see it (on your way to Detroit sometime).

Thanks Daniel. I'll definately bring it by. I'll come and pick you up and take you to Diamond Collateral ;)The lease is only a year so I'll probably try and S4 or the new A4 if the change to the new engines and front grill by then.

Even with my "monster deal" I don't think that there will be an S4 in your immediate future my dear!

... and Lelli's ... don't forget about that! :)

Wow. Just what the world needs. Another wingnut in love with his ride. :-)

I got the opportunity to drive the car and can tell you it's just plain sweet. It's a lot my like my wife's Jetta GLI without the "boy racer" rough edges and with a lot of luxury appointments. If it was my ass going to be in the seat for 20 or 30 thousand miles and I had the cash and/or the sweetheart deal Brooke gets, I'd opt for the A4 over the GLI but my wife would go the other direction I think. (Actually the A6 would be my lust object but I'm old.) I can say one thing about that A4: I've never experienced a car that handled better in a tight, fast, turn. That quattro system is amazing. And I've been in just about everything at one time or another. Only the SHO Taurus ever surprised me more on a first drive. That thing was a beast back in the day.

I've been lusting after the new '05 Mustangs lately myself. If I'd known that car was coming I probably would have waited instead of buying my family truckster Equinox a year ago. It's been the best general purpose car I've ever had but it won't make any hearts skip a beat, no doubt.

I'm glad Danny has cured his auto lust for the time being and regret that he's made half wish I'd opted for style over sense last time. He's got a good mix of both in that Audi.