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So, I did it. The proliferation has begun. My boys lifted off 10 weeks ago, took orbit, and then docked with the space station. In 30 more weeks Brooke will dispense the product of our copulation. A fusion of our genetics is underway. The 3rd generation Fayne is on it's way.

I didn't mean for this to turn into a poem or anything that resembled one. It just came out. In case none of that made sense, Brooke is pregnant and by March 2nd of 2006 we will have a little bambino. I'm very excited to be a Dad. I have had an excellent roll model and I'm looking forward to putting my skills into action. As soon as we have pictures of our little science experiment I'll post them. Of course I mean the ultrasound not the conception ;)


You are crazy.

I thought you were going to maybe announce it on your fabled podcast first.

Give it time, give it time.

congratulations! it's really great news.

uh...nice extended space metaphor. Be sure to check all your tiles, eh?

Good call. I'll have to check the shuttle for damage. It was a rough lift off. My main thruster fired early and was off-line for a few hours after the initial launch sequence.

Congrats Danny!

welcome to the club daddy. Now get your butt back here.

Danny, I am SO FREAKIN happy for you two (well, three now)!

You'll make a great dad!