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Brooke and I have been cleaning out our spare bedroom this weekend getting it ready for little Junior. Since we don't have a basement we've got our whole pre-marriage lives stuffed into that room. So it's been quite a trip down memory lane. I had forgotten there was a time I had hair. I was a good looking dude back in the day and the Wife was pretty cute too ;). Anyway, we stumbled across some great old family videos that were on these old clunky things I think we used to call VHS tapes. Fortunately we still have a single VCR up and running just in case someone in the house wants to burn some calories watching "Buns of Steel." I've always been pretty obsessed with my back-side.

I had completely forgotten that me, my Dad, and Brooke were on the news in Detroit demoing some early video conferncing software. I think we did the clip in 1999 using some old Connectix QuickCams and CU-SEEME. I was able to digitize the clip, check it out below.

I also stumbled across another family classic. This one is priceless. For my Uncle's 40th birthday, Cousin Jack decided to play a little prank on him. The rest of the story is told in the clip below.


You and your CU-SEEME


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What can I say??!!! Sure was fun (for everyone but your Aunt)!