Name that Fayne

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Thanks for the huge response on the naming poll. 40 votes in only a day. I don't think my blog has had 40 visitors all year.

Anyway, after we have digested the feedback over the weekend, we will be posting a revised poll with a few new name ideas along with their middle name combinations.

Currently out of the list below Brooke and I like Andrew and Joseph the best. However, we haven't really fallen in love with any of them. We both seem to like cool initial combos like AJ, JJ, CJ, TJ, JD, DJ, JT... but were having a hard time finding the names we like to fill in those initials.

We're open to some suggestions that aren't so conventional. So get creative, and make some suggestions. Thank you all for taking the time to participate in our lives!

Here are some links to some popular baby name sites.


Wayne Dwaine Fayne
Jane Kayne Fayne

Simon Isaac Fayne (initials SI stand for Son of Idiot) ;-)

but seriously, I think I vote for Joseph.

If you like Andrew and Joseph best, I think you have your answer- Andrew Joseph Fayne comes out to be AJ.