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Ok blog readers, I know there is only about 4 of you but I need some help. Brooke and I can't figure out what to name the baby. Before you vote, I want to give you a few details. I'd love to name my son after my Grandfather but his name is Norman. My wife is 4'11" and only about 5'9" so needless to say our boy has a good chance of being pretty short. Not sure the name "Norman" will treat the little fella too well once he gets to school. So, with that said, we tried and tried to think of other names that began with an "N" but nothing seems to fit. Nolan, Noah, Ned, Norbert.... We're really out of ideas. I kind of wanted his name to have some significance. Maybe name him after my favorite Detroit Piston. I'd name him Chauncey but my good friend's dog took that one already. Tayshaun is good but well you know, his arms won't be that long. Ben would work but my that's my first cousin's name. Rip, nah, not a fan or the braids. Rasheed? Well, NO. The only thing I love as much as the Pistons is Apple. Even though the boy will have his own click wheel onesie I can't name him iPod. My Mom likes Nano but I don't think Brooke could handle that. I could go with Steven P. Fayne but then I think that I would cross the line in between fanatic and freak. So, with all of that said, I need some help. Brooke and I set-up the poll below. Please vote for your favorite name and if you have another idea, post it in the comments field.

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That poll lets you vote as many times as you want :)

I voted for Andrew and Joseph.

Write in ballot:

Officer Pain Fayne

What's the matter with Brannon? That's a great name!
If that one just won't do you could go with Laimbeer. Wait a second. Isaiah isn't bad. There's Dennis for Rodman. I don't think you've tapped the historic Pistions well. That being said, I like Kyle and Tyler.

If I ever have a boy I'm naming him Alexander, Hannibal or Ceaser. If you can't rule the world, you might as well have a ruler's name.

How about Turd Ferguson?

Hi Guys! I opened this at work, so I hope you don't mind, but my friend Kristyne got in on the baby naming action, and voted as well! : )

I voted for Joseph, Kristyne voted for Norman, just for the record.

Glad all is well, Brooke I'll see you at the shower!


What is the matter with you, Jaison! What kind of help is that??!!!!
Brooke, you better have a name in the background!(you'll be filling in the papers-you can put anything you want!)
Love you guys!

If you want to name him after your grandfather, why not use Norman as a middle name? Andrew, Joseph, Tyler and Kyle all seem to go well with it.

instead of nano fayne you can name him Mano Fayne...he would get all the chicks. Smelvert is always a good one too

Andrew Joseph
Andrew James
Joseph James

AJ or JJ. You can't go wrong and you'll love him either way.

This poor child....I think my nephew is doomed.

out of all the bad names you were saying, you let Joseph be a part of the poll?

Joseph Fayne?
say it fast...

come on now! If he gets that name he'll have a terrible time in school!

I voted for Andrew but Tyler was second. Sue likes Joseph Stewart Fayne, but since Ryan brought up the Josephfayne, I agree, it doesn't have a chance. Don't think that Throckmorton Percival has a chance either. Make a list of first and middle combos and wait 'til you meet the li'l guy. Then a name will stick and fit him. Andrw Norman, Tyler Andrew. Actually Steven P. wasn't bad. ;^) I'll have to think on it a little more.

Andrew Carsen Fayne - It has a distingushed ring, no matter how tall or short he will be.

You can still add Norman as the third name for names sake but he doesn't have to use it on a regular basis - filling out credit card applications and such.

I think you need to set up a poll for grandmother names for Randie and Donny.

I still what to be called "Diane". If/when he gets out of hand "Boss" will work too.

NORMAN - The next CEO of APPLE has to have a computer name like NORMAN!

Norman Fayne a.k.a NF! Also makes a great rappers name.

NOR-MAN, the companies computer guy. Lets face it Dan and Brooks kid will be the next CEO of apple and NORM is the perfect name.

I still like Joseph. It's timeless and classy, and let's face it--just about any name can be made fun of somehow. I have a brother named grant, and in second grade or so, somebody started calling him "granty the panty". That doesn't even make sense! It still makes me laugh, it's so dumb, and it didn't stop him from becoming a popular and well-adjusted guy. Joe Fayne is a strong and versatile name for a grown man, and "joseph fayne" will only sound like "josephine" as you near and pass the mason dixon line. But I voted for Andrew as well. Andy Fayne, son of Danny Fayne. Sounds like a dynasty.

I just lucked into this site with "fayne". I am named after my grandmother. I admit I did not like it at first, but I started to get compliments later down the line. I appreciated my name before the compliments, just because it was my grandmothers name. She was a very strong woman during the times of slavery and out of slavery. With the history behind her name I believe that makes me feel even special. So be proud of your grandfathers roots. A name gives a person a sense of purpose that will lead to success if you believe. Plus my son is name after his father and he is very proud. Norman is a blessing to have. Both are very intelligent, good looking, wise, and outgoing young men. Plus they share the same birthday. Go ahead with Norman. If it means alot to you, then it will mean alot to him, believe me. Callie