Any Day Now

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I'm back. I took a bit of a hiatus. Life's been busy and it's about to get busier. I'm gonna be a Dad any minute now. I'm so excited. It's been a long 9 month wait but I've had a lot distractions to keep me occupied until now. We're so close I think the excitement and the nerves are finally kicking in. I haven't though about anything else for the past two days. Although, the Pistons have been off for a week so maybe this is just Piston withdrawal. Who knows, I just can't wait to have my little Piston buddy. I don't think I'm ever going to tell him he was born in Chicago for fear he may become a Bulls fan. We can't have that, I'd have to lock him in the basement bound and gagged in a Ben Wallace jersey. I don't think that counts as child abuse does it? I think it's a legitimate behavioral modification technique, don't you?

Anyway, Brooke has put together a sweet little website for little AJ to keep you up to date. Check out the site, Brooke made it using Apple's new iLife application called iWeb. It looks awesome and took no time at all. So all you non-mac users reading this site, Get a Mac already! I don't know if there are too many of you out there who actually know me, that don't have a Mac yet though. So after AJ is born we'll be adding a blog and even some video podcasts chronicling all of my little guy's firsts.

Andrew's site will be liked to this post and under the friends and family heading to the right. We'll be posting often so check soon.


You guys are going to be world-class parents my friend. :)