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It's almost Daddy time. Little Andrew was due last Thursday (March 2nd) so I went to bed every night last week hoping I wouldn't be at work in the morning. Alas, the kid gave us no signs of his arrival so I suffered through five days of misery. Normally the weeks fly by at CDW but last week was torture. I didn't have a lick of focus. I was hoping Tuesday's Apple product announcements would tide me over but they were disappointing so all I could do was count the minutes to Daddy time. It was kind of like knowing you're about to get a new car but you have no idea when it'll arrive. I don't know if that quite captures the feeling, but I'm sure you have all had an experience you can relate to. Obviously my persepctive was quite different from Brooke's. She's been home on maternity leave for the last two weeks so I think she's been bored more than anything else. I admit I've been a bit jealous because I could sure use the time off too but she's more than earned the break. It's been a long nine months and the changes Brooke has gone through have been amazing. She's been so brave and so cool through the whole pregnancy. She's so ready to be a mom that I think any fear she has is smothered with pride. Even now, on the eve of the big birthday, she's cooler than I am. Andrew has a very special Mommy. I just can't believe I'm about to be a Dad. I've known it was inevitable for the last 9 months and I've dreamt about it for a lot longer than that but I feel like it was only a few short years ago that I was cuddling my yellow blanket and tearing up the plastic in my diapers. So, a new era for me begins tomorrow. We went to the Hospital this morning and Brooke is now in pre-labor. Her Dr. thinks AJ will be born sometime tomorrow so keep checking Andrew's blog for Photos and stats, we'll be posting all the details as we get them and wish us luck.

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