I'm a Daddy

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My Son was born this morning at 3:27am. He was 7lbs 12.9 oz and 20.5 inches. Brooke battled the boy for 19 hours. He put up a good fight but with mother nature on her side Brooke won. Check out Andrew's .Mac website for his Birthday blog post and all of the all of his photos. I 'll post more tomorrow when we get the little guy home. I'm posting this from Panera bread across from the Hospital and there's not much bandwidth here so, I will post more tomorrow from home.



You should post weight/length info too.

Congrats Daddy! Much love to Li'l Mommy and AJ. Looks to be a fine strapping son. He will do just fine with such fine parents. See you soon.

Love, Dad, (Grandpa) Treas

Great job Danny and Brook. You are truly PROfaynes at having kids. Kid looks like a chip off of the old block. Enough already on the family jewels comments Fayne! Hope you three are well. Looking forward to seeing AJ wandering the halls of CDW with mom.

= )

Congrats to Danny and Brooke!!! I love AJ's site he is so cute!!! You guys are going to be great parents!!!

Wish you the best!!