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I can't believe it's already Playoff time. My Pistons were incredible this season. They finished with the NBA best and an all time franchise best record of 64-18. Not too shabby. No surprise but they are heavily favored to win their 2nd NBA title in 3 years. I'm so excited about the playoffs this year. The last two years have been magical despite the heartbreaking loss in game 7 of the finals last season but this season is more special than most. I'll be watching each and every game with my brand new mid season acquisition and rookie Piston fan, Andrew J. Fayne. I know he's a bit too young to appreciate it now but it means the world to me. It's crazy to think that by the time he is old enough to care about Basketball, Ben Wallace will be an old man, and Tayshaun Prince will be getting ready to retire. To me it seems like yesterday that Isiah Thomas, Joe D, Bill Laimbeer, and the rest of the Bad Boys were winning championships. I remeber sheading a few tears after they lost to Bulls in the eastern conference finals in 1991. I knew an era had ended. I'm not ready to think about the end of this Piston era. Just thinking about that makes me feel old. Fortunately most of our guys are in their prime, so we should be contending for at least the next 3 or 4 seasons. Just long enough for me to instill strong Piston values and loyalty into my Son. Anyway, last night, my Son tightened his diaper, threw on his Ben Wallace jersey, and sat down with a cold, I guess it was acutally hot.....glass (breast) of milk and watched our Pistons handle the Bucks in Game one. So my little rookie fan has a 1 - 0 record. Only 15 more wins and the little guy will have won a title in his first season as a Fayne and die hard Detroit Pistons Fan