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Rookie Fan

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I can't believe it's already Playoff time. My Pistons were incredible this season. They finished with the NBA best and an all time franchise best record of 64-18. Not too shabby. No surprise but they are heavily favored to win their 2nd NBA title in 3 years. I'm so excited about the playoffs this year. The last two years have been magical despite the heartbreaking loss in game 7 of the finals last season but this season is more special than most. I'll be watching each and every game with my brand new mid season acquisition and rookie Piston fan, Andrew J. Fayne. I know he's a bit too young to appreciate it now but it means the world to me. It's crazy to think that by the time he is old enough to care about Basketball, Ben Wallace will be an old man, and Tayshaun Prince will be getting ready to retire. To me it seems like yesterday that Isiah Thomas, Joe D, Bill Laimbeer, and the rest of the Bad Boys were winning championships. I remeber sheading a few tears after they lost to Bulls in the eastern conference finals in 1991. I knew an era had ended. I'm not ready to think about the end of this Piston era. Just thinking about that makes me feel old. Fortunately most of our guys are in their prime, so we should be contending for at least the next 3 or 4 seasons. Just long enough for me to instill strong Piston values and loyalty into my Son. Anyway, last night, my Son tightened his diaper, threw on his Ben Wallace jersey, and sat down with a cold, I guess it was acutally (breast) of milk and watched our Pistons handle the Bucks in Game one. So my little rookie fan has a 1 - 0 record. Only 15 more wins and the little guy will have won a title in his first season as a Fayne and die hard Detroit Pistons Fan

Andrew's a very good boy. He was born on Monday and we just got home last night. We didn't miss a single Pistons game. The Pistons finished up a short west coast trip and had the last 3 nights off. I guess my boy already knows the Pistons schedule. So, tonight is a big night. It's very fitting that Andrew's first Pistons game is Pistons vs. Bulls. Daddy is a die hard Pistons fan but Andrew was born in Chicago. So tonight Andrew can decide his life long affiliation. I'm laying it all on the line, If the Pistons lose, He'll be a Bulls fan. Fortunately, my little dude will be wearing his first Ben Wallace jersey courtsey of Uncle Keshun, so I'm confident his Piston power will be strong.

It's Over :(

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9 months, 8 preseason games, 82 regular season games, and 25 Playoff games. 115 games, and only 8 points away from glory. The Piston's 2004-2005 campaign has been an emotional roller coaster and I am beat. I've watched just about every game since 1987 and I've never been this tired before. I guess I am getting old but I'm younger than Ben Wallace. Almost in as good of shape too ;) . Hopefully someone who doesn't know me will read this post. I'd like at least one person to believe that statement. Anyway, the 2004 NBA champs defended their title with class and poise. No team has played more playoff games in a single season. Every series was a challenge and every series brought some doubt but the guy's from Motown left it all on the court proving themselves as true champions. 8 points short of glory, but I'm proud of my team. They established themselves as one of the toughest and grittiest teams in history. They fell short this season but like the new Champs, the Pistons are built to be contenders for a long time. So, to all the disappointed Pistons fans out there tonight, there's always next season! I just hope October takes it's time because I need a break.

Cleveland 87, Detroit 90 -- Play of the Game: Tay spins off Lebron for an emPHATic dunk!

The Pistons had to go to work this afternoon against a team fighting to make the Playoffs for the first time in years. The game had a playoff intensity with tough physical play and far too many technical fouls from the champs. Dispite thier mental lapse the Pistons displayed thier resolve and charged back from a 12 point defict at half time to restablish the game's momentum. Cleveland battled hard through the second part of the 3rd quarter and all the way through the fourth. Lebron James did all he could do to keep his team close, and, with some heroics, got the Cavs to within one point in the final seconds. Unfortunately for the Cavs, Lebron's 37 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists and too many preferential foul calls wasn't enough. The poise and experience of the NBA champs took over. Now the Cavs are only a heartbeat away from missing the Playoffs, despite challenging the Pistons for the top spot in the Central division earlier in the season.

The Detroit Pistons have two games left in the regular season and have begun preparing for their title defense. Currently the Pistons are in the midst of a 10 game win streak after branding the Cavs this afternoon in a 90 to 87 victory. Only two road games remain in the regular season against the leagues weakest teams in the. With nothing left to play for and an easy schedule ahead, look for Larry Brown to work out the bench for the reamining two contests.

The starters look ready and in my opinion they look better going in to the Playoffs than last season. Everyone is pretty healthy provided Rasheed's hamstring pull wasn't too serious this afternoon. Tay is so much better now that he was this time last year. In only his 3rd season he has become a silent leader for the Pistons. The Piston's starting 5 is so versatile that they cause multiple match-up problems for every other team in the league including Miami and San Antonio. Miami always has a huge mismatch against anyone with Shaq in the middle but we know what to expect from him every game. They have two weapons and the Pistons can defend Wade. Although Miami is an excellent team and Shaq is an unreal force out there, they are an easy team to prepare for in a 7 game series. It's difficult for other teams to prepare for the Pistons though because offense can come from just about anyone in big bunches. Rasheed, Tay, Chauncey, and Rip are all capable of putting up huge numbers from anywhere on the court. The Pistons are so confident and so unselfish in the halfcourt that if you try and double anyone, they get easy baskets. There's just no way to know which way the Pistons are going to attack on any given night. All you can hope for is a poor shooting night and some lucky loose balls to sway the Champ's confidence. I don't see that happening in the Playoffs too often. I think the Piston's are poised for another trip to the Finals. Go to work Pistons! I'll be watching every possession with pride.

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Interplanetary Pistons

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I guess I took a little break from the blog. I haven't been inspired to write much latley until tonight. The Pistons just batteled and defeated the Wizards in Wasthington tongiht. It was a great game but the real entertainment began when it was over. I'm not sure how to describe this and I don't think I have to, it speaks for itself. Check this out!

Interplanetary Pistions

Ben Wallace swatted his 1000th shot as a Pistons tonight in a 100 to 88 win against the Boston Celtics at the Palace. Check out this highlight package.

New Feature

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I've added a Pistons scoreboard to the sight. After every game this season, I'll update the scoreboard and post a quicktime clip of the play of the game. If anyone is more blog savy than I am and knows of a plugin or something that will give me a dynamic scoreboard let me know. Thanks!

Dissapointed Fan

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Wow, I wasn't planning on posting tonight but I want to get my opinion out before the media has a field day with this indident. If you haven't heard, the Pistons/Pacers game ended with a crazy brawl. Ron Artest fouled Ben Wallace hard, but nothing out of the ordinary for two rival teams. Ben Wallace overreacted and pushed Artest with a lot of unecesary force. To Ron's credit, he tried to let it slide and slipped out of the evelvating action on the court. Rasheed Wallce, Rip, Lindsey and some other staff on both teams tried to defuse the situation while Pacers Stephen Jackson and Jamal Tinsley continued to instigate. Meanwhile, as Artest layed out on the scorers table, some dumb ass drunk punk threw a beer on him. From there, all hell broke lose. That beer sent Artest into a frenzy and he launced into the stands after the idiot who threw it, with Stephen Jackson closely in tail. Some of the crowd tried to restrain Artest but Jackson got through the crowed and fired punches at anyone close. Somehow Rasheed Wallace and Rick Mahorn were able to get the Pacers out of the crowd and security got things under control in that spot but at this point, fights were breaking out every where. Beer and popcorn was flying all over the place and things were just out of control. It was just ugly, and as a REAL fan I am ashamed at the conduct of the people at the Palace. They disrespected the game, the Pistons, and the entire city of Detroit. The people of Detroit are usually pretty proud of the city. Anyone I know from Detroit works hard to improve the image of the city and it's surrounding area. This unfortunate and brainless incident puts a huge dent in the cities image. I'm embarrassed by it.

Ben Wallace made a huge error in judgment and his actions set off domino effect. However, the way I see it, Stephen Jackson kept the fire going and his behavior above all others was despicable. He brutally attacked any fan who was near him. Setting off a chain reaction of unreasonable behavior through out the crowd. Everyone involved in this incident should be punished severely. Stephen Jackson should be charged with assault and suspended from the NBA for 5 games or more. Ron Artest has had enough controversy but deserves a long suspension as well. Ben Wallace might deserve the harshest penalty. Probably a 5 game suspension or more. He has a whole lot of apologies to make and I'm sure in retrospect he's disgusted by his behavior. I know I am. Until today's misjudgment Ben was an ideal sports role model. He'll have to work hard to restore that image and the image of his team and city.

As a fan, I will always stand by my team but let me make this clear. No true fan of the game and of the Detroit Pistons would ever throw anything at any player. I love to hate the Pacers. It makes the game fun, but it is just that, a game. Every team needs a rival, and every fan should respect that rival. It's match ups like the Pistons and Pacers that make watching Basketball worthwhile. The people in the crowd who thought it was appropriate to behave like hoodlums DO NOT DESERVE to call themselves fans. They do not deserve to represent my team in anyway. If any of you who participated in the event stumble across this posting I want to tell you that you are despicable!!!

If you haven't seen it, click here to see the crazy events at the Pistons vs. Pacers game.

Raw Chicken

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I don't have many traditions. Most people find tradition in their religion. Although I did grow up Jewish, a religion rich with tradition, nothing really stuck for me. So, I'm searching for some that fit. One of the only traditions that I have so far is my yearly October trip to Grand Rapids to see the Pistons play at the VanAndel Arena with Daniel and his brother David. Daniel and I have a strange thing going lately. We usually only see each other out of state or at some event like this. Unfortunately this year Daniel was on a business trip but I took the trek with Brooke and met David and Elliot at the game tonight anyway.

The drive was long, the chicken was raw, the game was good, but we lost. Driving through Chicago in the afternoon is always a nightmare. We made it through the city in an hour and a half and to the arena in about 5. Nevertheless, we made it. Our seats were pretty good, we sat low in the lower bowl across from the Washington bench. When we sat down Brooke went to get some food. She came back with hot dogs and buffalo tenders. I love hot dogs at a game, there's nothing like it! The chicken tenders were a different story. Those things were cold, pink and disgustingly raw. How is it possible to fry up some tender strips and keep them raw? Anyway, Ben and Rasheed were still out tonight but Eldon and Antonio filled in well and the Pistons got off to a good start but it didn't last. Despite the loss, the game was very entertaining. Darko played a ton of minutes and looked ok at times. He's still pretty tentative out there but he's starting to show some promise. The real excitement of the game was Carlos Delfino. That kid can play. He looked a little lost on defense at times but he was dropping threes and making plays at the basket that were incredible. Off of an inbounds pass, Delfino drove to the baseline and reversed jammed in a packed lane. It brought the crowd to it's feet and set up some great expectations for the rest of the season. I think he'll be an exciting player watch. My guess is, when this season is all said and done, he'll be one of the top rookies provided he gets the play time. Even-though Smush Parker is a long shot to make the team he had a nice game tonight as well. He probably deserves a sport over Horace Jenkins although Jenkins has a guaranteed contract. I'm sure it'll be a tough decision for Joe in the next week but he always makes the right one. Despite a long drive, some raw chicken and preseason loss, I had a lot of fun tonight. We missed Daniel but since this is an official tradition we'll see him next year and next time we'll be doing it court side.