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It's Over :(

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9 months, 8 preseason games, 82 regular season games, and 25 Playoff games. 115 games, and only 8 points away from glory. The Piston's 2004-2005 campaign has been an emotional roller coaster and I am beat. I've watched just about every game since 1987 and I've never been this tired before. I guess I am getting old but I'm younger than Ben Wallace. Almost in as good of shape too ;) . Hopefully someone who doesn't know me will read this post. I'd like at least one person to believe that statement. Anyway, the 2004 NBA champs defended their title with class and poise. No team has played more playoff games in a single season. Every series was a challenge and every series brought some doubt but the guy's from Motown left it all on the court proving themselves as true champions. 8 points short of glory, but I'm proud of my team. They established themselves as one of the toughest and grittiest teams in history. They fell short this season but like the new Champs, the Pistons are built to be contenders for a long time. So, to all the disappointed Pistons fans out there tonight, there's always next season! I just hope October takes it's time because I need a break.