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Matzo Balls

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It's official my baby has balls!! I am so excited, I'm gonna turn this kid into the geekiest Piston lover there is. Wait, that's me isn't it? Well they say, appropriately enough, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I'm starting the brainwashing early too, check out my Son's first outfit here. I can't wait to pick up a Pistons outfit as well. I'll have to wait a bit to find one with the new logo. Everything I've seen on-line has the old horse head logo.

Ok new Grandparents, Official and Honorary Uncles and Aunts, here's your Grandson and Nephew. Click on the family jewels below for a larger view.

Comments from Mommy:

"Well I of course think that this little one is the cutest baby in an ultrasound picture I've ever seen. His brother Gryffi is jealous already and his sister Alley is threatened by the fact that we just tore apart "her bedroom" for the baby. But I am pretty sure everyone else is excited about the little guy's arrival. The most surprising news at the ultrasound was that it seems as though he is either going to be a little earlier than expected or he is big for his age, he measured in the 70th percentile for size. Coming from me that sounds downright ridiculous, so I'm guessing that he's just older than we think. I'm hoping that's the case, I can't imagine carrying a baby in the 70th percentile in my 5th percentile body!"