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Cool QTVR Images

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Check out these sweet panoramic images of New Years 2005


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This is a pretty cool website I found over on Phildo.org. I know, most of the people who read my weblog read Phil's as well, but I want to see how this whole trackback thing works.



It's nice to be the center of attention once in a while. Everyone should have at least 15 minutes of fame. Some people get attention because they're stupid, others because they're talented, a few more get lucky, and the rest of us pay for it. Ahh yes, there's nothing like that BIG wedding day. Every bride struggles to make her wedding the most beautiful and the most unique. This "big day" takes mothns to plan and costs thousands dollars. All of this preperation and planning is supposed to be about the bride and groom but it's really all about the spectators.  Woo hoo look at us, we're getting married and we invited you to see it happen live and because you're here, we'll be obligated to edure your future wedding too.That must be how it works because who would really ever go to a wedding with out that obligitory obligation, save for five eighths of the wedding party, two or three parents, and maybe one aunt and uncle.