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I just converted my cvs repository to subversion.

It is already much cooler than cvs.

I think I'll take a look at seeing what would be involved with making subversion use postgresql as a backend database (instead of, or in addition to, BerkeleyDB 4).

If all WebDAV shares on Mac OS X can do the iDisk local cache thing, I guess that that wouldn't be necessary (since you could connect to a svn webdav share and work disconnected), but I'm not sure if that's an idisk only thing.

If that's not possible, then using postgresql as the backend would work (with postgresql replication, if that works the way it should).

In any event, it will be fun playing with it.

While waiting for tests to complete or long-queries to run I've been messing around a little on my windows machine.

I was going to use partimage to move my WinXP install to a new disk, and swap out the HD, but both partimage and dd error out on one of the blocks on the WinXP disk, so they don't make a complete image. I'll deal with that later.

The new disk is bigger, so I set aside a slice for installing gentoo linux. Some notes:
1. Installing from the stage-1 tarball is broken. emerge bootstrap fails in either gcc or glibc (depending on how persistent you are)
2. Installing from the stage-2 tarball works, and is able to build both gcc and glibc that failed above (when doing emerge -u system)
3. emerge xfree takes 2 seconds short of forever
4. configuring xfree is stupid, I forgot how annoying it can be (the nv driver works, but I'm not having luck with the nvidia driver any my geforece4ti-4200, I guess I can do without glx support since I don't plan on playing any 3d opengl games on linux -- this is going to bother me, though, and I'll figure it out at some point). The XFree86 logs don't contain any clues (or any indication that something may be going wrong).
5. The 'stable' gcc 3.2 is unable to build arts, so emerge kde fails
6. The 'unstable' gcc 3.3 is able to build arts, but you have to learn wacky emerge incantations to have it be available (ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge gcc)

I expect these sorts of things from an unstable bleeding-edge style system, but emerge by default is set up to mask the unstable packages. You would think that things would work better (automated testing could help).

Oh well, it _is_ linux after all, if I wanted to just have a unix-like system that just worked I would stick with Mac OS X ;-)

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Though it's not noted in the transcripts of the event, John Kerry (my father's favorite candidate) also said that he uses a mac.

Cool :)

... meanwhile Bush uses a Dell (see the interview where he says: "I guess I'm not supposed to be talking about brands, but since Michael Dell is my good friend and Dell is a Texas company, I'm the owner of a Dell computer.")

So this picture must have been staged.

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... because of crap like this.

(The do you use a mac question wasn't really asked by a student, CNN told a student to ask it.)

... and people wonder why 'young people' don't vote ...


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I got a email with the text of a speech Gore gave.

It's really good.

Some quotes:

"Indeed, the most worrisome new factor, in my view, is the aggressive ideological approach of the current administration, which seems determined to use fear as a political tool to consolidate its power and to escape any accountability for its use." - Gore

And he included these other quotes in his speech:

"What holds us together is the prosecution of the war. No…man has been asked to give up his convictions. That would be indecent and improper. We are held together by something outside, which rivets our attention. The principle that we work on is, 'Everything for the war, whether controversial or not, and nothing controversial that is not bona fide for the war.' That is our position. We must also be careful that a pretext is not made of war needs to introduce far-reaching social or political changes by a side wind." - Prime Minister Winston Churchill (October 1943)

"No penance would ever expiate the sin against free government of holding that a President can escape control of executive powers by law through assuming his military role. Our government has ample authority under the Constitution to take those steps which are genuinely necessary for our security. At the same time, our system demands that government act only on the basis of measures that have been the subject of open and thoughtful debate in Congress and among the American people, and that invasions of the liberty or equal dignity of any individual are subject to review by courts which are open to those affected and independent of the government which is curtailing their freedom." - Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson

His conclusion is also great:

"The Constitution includes no wartime exception, though its Framers knew well the reality of war. And, as Justice Holmes reminded us shortly after World War I, the Constitution's principles only have value if we apply them in the difficult times as well as those where it matters less.

The question before us could be of no greater moment: will we continue to live as a people under the rule of law as embodied in our Constitution? Or will we fail future generations, by leaving them a Constitution far diminished from the charter of liberty we have inherited from our forebears? Our choice is clear."

Video, audio, and text of the speech.

If only because of this.

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In order to get Mac OS X 10.3 installed on my 'Sawtooth' (AGP) G4, I had to remove the GeForce2MX card that I had flashed with an Apple ROM image. Details about why it didn't work are here, it looks like Apple may have removed some support from their driver.

Things are working well with the original 16MB ATI card back in the machine, but I don't get all the cool Quartz Extreme stuff like I did under 10.2.

Oh well.

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A while ago I had figured out that you can get Apple's to display an image in mail from you by setting the X-Image-Url header in your MUA.

It's easy enough with mutt to do so, just add a line like this:
my_hdr X-Image-Url:

to your ~/.muttrc.

I wasn't sure how to do it with Apple's, though.

Fortunately, Dan Wood figured it out and posted about it.


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