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I've turned up greylisting (using milter-greylist) on the geeklair.net mailserver.

This anti-spam measure should reduce the number of spam/virus emails that get delivered (so the volume of mail that needs to go through spamassassin and clamav is smaller).

The downside is that it makes mail delivery take a little longer (which could be especially annoying in the case of password-reminder or order confirmation emails). I've turned the amount of delay that milter-greylist needs way down, but the total delay is dependent on the sending mailserver.

I think the tradeoff is reasonable. As always, let me know if you notice any problems or have any concerns.


The Craftsman 266 pc. Mechanics Tool Set, Metric I ordered just arrived.

It's a little socket heavy (6 and 12 point sockets, regular and deep sockets, in most sizes/drive sizes), but that's ok.

I'll probably pick up another set of metric wrenches (6mm-23mm or so) so I have a pair of each size (and so I can be like Paulis).

Since I already purchased an impact wrench and an air ratchet that leaves the following (in order of importance):
- jack stands (4)
- jacks (2)
- torque wrench
- timing light
- vacuum pump/brake bleeding kit
- bearing puller
(I'm sure some of that stuff is available through lend-a-tool, so I probably don't need it)

I need to pick up some magnetic trays and pegboard hooks so I can organize the tools in the garage too.

In other news, my piano gets tuned this afternoon. The lid prop finally arrived, so that should get installed today as well.

... and now back to work for me.

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