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I really wish that facetious and feces had the same root (they don't, Anne helped me check).

... it would be cool, though.


For anyone attempting to build php 4.3.10 (seeing as it fixes some security bugs). You might have problems with php-4.3.10/Zend/zend_strtod.c (at least, I did on my 10.2 system).

Line 131 seems to be the problem. Removing the "|| defined(__ppc__)" so that that define doesn't happen on my Mac OS X machine seemed to fix it.


Check this out.

"Goober" apparently thinks I'm a retard and a moron because I wanted Gentoo to 'just work'.

While it's sometimes fun to play around with a different OS or different distribution, over time I've gotten more and more impatient with things that don't 'just work' they way they should without lots of extra effort.

I didn't realize that my blog would be on any silly Gentoo-fanboy's radar though. (There really are only ~ 6 people who read it anyway ;-) ).

It's kind of funny (especially since it looks like 'Goober' posted from work).


There's going to be a new Apple Store in Woodland mall in Grand Rapids (just a few minutes away from my parent's house).

As usual, the tip is the the form of job postings on Apple's website.

Well, I just got my third As the Apple Turns pole-vaulting victory. It goes well with my other two.


These Swiss army knives are so cool.

I've been thinking about how it might be a good idea to get a USB thumb drive of some sort (they are getting ever cheaper, and I could set up a rudimentary $HOME and/or subversion repository on it). It would be a good extra backup drive for very important stuff if nothing else.

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