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If I ever decide to upgrade to MT 3.0, it looks like someone has made the MTThreadedComments plugin workwith MT 3.0.

I could probably have figured it out myself, but it's nice to know that someone has already put forth the effort.

If I do decide to upgrade to MT 3, I might look into the new plugin API and see if this can be made into a more supportable hack.

Update: There's another patch (for 3.11) here.


Dorian just invited me to multiply which appears to be the latest of the social networking sites (like orkut).

If I know you, and you want an invite, let me know.

I can see how this kind of site could be useful if I were looking for a job, or trying to find someone to fill a position ... but just pinging friends about something like this is probably as effective.

... it's a good excuse for a company to collect a lot of personal information from me, though (and it gives me a chance to check out how the interface was designed, which is always interesting).

I think I'm going to purchase a set of Tein Coilovers for my alltrac. I'll probably purchase them in the spring.

They're also available here.

I might get this along with front and rear strut bars as well.

This post brought to you by the fact that it's easier for me to look in here for links to things than it is to bookmark something and then find it later.

The Treo 600 for Verizon Wireless is getting close to what I want in a 'perfect' phone. My current phone is nice, but the organizer/alarm/non-phone features aren't as good as I would like them to be.

I'm not convinced on the tiny qwerty keyboard, though (I think I would prefer stylus-only input - or maybe stylus and a standard phone keypad).

It's expensive, though, so I won't be purchasing it (at least not for a while).

I have a visor edge, which is very nice, but I don't often carry it with me (which kind of defeats the purpose). I just don't want 1,000,000 electronic devices hanging from my belt. Having a treo would fix that, of course (since I always cary my phone with me).

Enough rambling about geek toys for now.


Perhaps years of communicating mainly by email and IM has caused me to become unable to write anything longer than a few sentences.

Oh well.


P convinced me to race, it should be fun.

There's a neat chart that shows Bush's approval rating over time and also marks the terror alerts that have been issued.

Very interesting indeed.

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I noticed an interesting graph of predicted number of electoral college votes (May 24 2004 - now).

It's pretty interesting.


Remember to get out and vote today.

Unsure who is deserving of your vote? If you're in Lansing, you can check out the Lansing State Journal voter's guide.

It looks like most of the work is done for me already if I want to use perl: The Evolution of Perl Email Handling.

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