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Thanks to, I fixed the exit wrinkling problem that my Apple Laser Writer Pro 630 was having. (Of course spending $40 on a printer that only cost me $50 when UofM was getting rid of it may seem silly, but I didn't want to throw it away, and it's still a great workhorse for the rare occasions when I want to print something).

Of course the other reason to fix it would be so that when I purchase a color laser printer I can sell it to my brother ;-)

I have tons I want to post about, but not really any time (isn't that always the way it goes).

For now, just enjoy the pictures of my recent trip to Malaysia.


... is that I sometimes think that maybe _I'm_ the one who isn't sane.

Wait a sec. No. I'm sane.




These pictures were taken of my family members and our pet dog in the same room at approximately the same time.

peaches-david.jpg david-peaches.jpg
peaches-mom.jpg mom-peaches.jpg

I just installed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger on my desktop.

After the install, I logged in and the Finder went into an endless cycle of crashing :(

Eventually (as I was attempting to disable various things to narrow down the cause) I got an error from ATSServer complaining about a corrupt font.

Of course, the message made it seem like things would be 'ok' after a logout-login (which they weren't).

I eventually determined that I must just have a corrupt font cache (which I've never had problems with on Mac OS X before, but I've seen reports on the web about other people having problems).

A quick rm /Library/Caches/* followed by logout-login seems to have fixed things.

I laugh whenever I have a problem with ATS since an ATS engineer once pointedly ignored me for an extended period of time when I visited UofM to talk to the Apple recruiters (everyone else there was very nice).

Update: It figures that I would start having problems again after a few hours. Finder kept repeatedly crashing (this time more rapidly than before) and other apps were having intermittent problems (having Finder stuck in a crash cycle and also having Terminal crash is 'fun').

I ended up doing an archive and install and things seem to be 'ok' now.

I would rather have known what was causing the problem, but it was easy enough to just fix things that way (and I need to get 'real' work done too).

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