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My parents' dog, Peaches, had to be euthanized last weekend.

I've uploaded a few pictures to my gallery.


Thanks to AVS Forum, I've got the local network HD channels that TVisa (my new TV) pics up mapped correctly.

Here are the details:
73.3 WLAJ-HD (ABC)
73.5 WSYM-HD (Fox)
74.2 WKAR-HD 23.1 (PBS)
74.3 WLNS-HD (CBS)
74.5 WKAR 23.3 SD (Create)
74.6 WKAR 23.4 SD (World)
75.3 WILX-HD (NBC)

I don't have HD service from Comcast yet (since the ReplayTV doesn't do HD), so recorded shows are all SD and I don't get all of the extra HD goodness (like Pistons games on FSD in HD).

I'll probably eventually get a HD Tivo (with CableCard). I don't really use "On Demand" or do pay-per-view, so the limitations of that setup shouldn't be a big deal.

Of course, I might end up taking the opportunity to act like Jared, and just cancel TV service (use an antenna for the local digital broadcasts and purchase other shows from iTunes).

The other alternative would be to go with one of the satellite providers (like Danny), likely candidate there would be DirecTV with the new DirecTivo service that is rumored to appear soon (of course, Comcast supposedly is going to have Tivo service at some point too, so that might enter the competition as well).

I really need to call Comcast and get a better service rate, though, as the online special is significantly cheaper than my current service (and the new signup packages from Dish and DirecTV are also significantly cheaper).

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