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Looks like someone stole my Obama 2008 sign from the front lawn last night/this morning.


I thought that Gwen Ifill did a good job as moderator. While I was disappointed with the debate format (especially the shortness of the answers), her questions overall seemed very good. One exception being the stupid 'achilles heel' question (which seemed more like a typical HR interview question).

Of course, during the debate I envisioned a new debate format where the moderator would interrupt and berate the candidate for not answering the question that was asked. (In this debate, both candidates would have been interrupted, although Gov. Palin would have been more often).

And finally, I think that the seemingly random specter of Holocaust 2.0 by Gov. Palin at 9:52PM managed to cross over into "Godwin's Law" territory, thus giving us a definitive loser to the debate.

That is all.

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