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I've finally got things (mostly) working after moving the geeklair from Jared's basment to its new location.

Let me know if you see brokenness.

Lighters are now banned from airplane cabins (they were previously banned from checked baggage).

The motivation was a person trying to light shoe explosives (with a match) in 2001.

Matches aren't banned.

"The problem with the TSA on the matches is the inability to detect them" - David Stempler

Lansing State Journal:Travel tip: Leave your lighter home

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New ADC Article: Developing with Core Data. Core Data is the good.

Starting 2008, you'll need a passport to get back into the US after visiting Canada.

Windsor, is probably hosed.

This is supposed to be for 'security' (but of course, the 9/11 hijackers all had valid ID).

I doubt that this will actually improve security, it will just hurt businesses in boarder cities (Detroit and Windsor) and make it more annoying for people driving back and forth.

Oh well.

Update: This story has been picked up by slashdot.


... are dumb.


From: clkao@clkao.org
Subject: [svk-dev] Implementing darcs patch algebra in svk
Date: March 31, 2005 10:21:29 PM EST
To: svk-dev@lists.openfoundry.org
Reply-To: svk-dev@lists.openfoundry.org

Hi all,

I'm excited to announce that darcs patch algebra is preliminarily implemented.
Autrijus made a proposal and explained it to me, and I worked on it this morning
and found some interesting properties in subversion filesystem that improves the
algorithm a lot.

In summary, we'll do very fast on-the-fly patch dependeny calculation. For
example, we can now generate a patch that contains relevant context (ie, other
changes that is required by this), and all this is done in linear time.

So, we'll have real cherry picking merge and all the nice things from darcs very
soon on trunk, but this won't be in 1.0 release. Stay tuned.


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