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I worked from my parent's house today.

A comcast-contracted installer came and hooked them up with a cable modem this morning (so naturally, I had to be around to set up their computer). Since I knew enough to not even attempt to use the CD comcast distributes, I had everything working within a few minutes.

A quick trip to CompUSA later, and I had them set up with a wireless router so I can use my laptop with their connection. (The router was even on sale).

Of course, it is a little irritating that their cable modem appears to be significantly faster than mine (we _should_ have the same level of service ...)

Ok, back to work.




Thanks to a weblog post by Chuq Von Rospach, I found this.

It's a rbl for URLs found in spam (like the ones listed here).

I've put it in place on the geeklair mailserver, and it's already helped mark some spam sent to me.

I'm not really satisfied with UofW imapd and it's own pieces of peculiar, but everything else I looked at wanted me to change mailbox format (maildir might be ok, but I'm _used_ to mbox, comfortable with it, and don't feel like changing).

In any event, it looks like dovecot might be what I want. It supports mbox and maildir, IMAP4rev1 and pop3 (both with ssl using gnutls or openssl) and ipv6. It seems to be coded with some intelligence and uses index files that are external to the mbox for speed (yay!). Mac OS X (10.2) is even listed as a system that it is "known to work" on.

I'll have to set aside some time at some point to play with it to make sure it will work, but I'll probably move geeklair.net over to it eventually.

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