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I picked up a Tivo HD and a big disk to upgrade it to attach to TVsa.

Some notes:
mfstools (both the linux version and the version I cajoled into compiling on Mac OS X) crapped out on the 10th partition of the drive (when trying to read from the original drive or trying to work with the image of the original drive I copied to the new drive with dd).

winmfs beta 9.3 worked fine, though. (It was also significantly faster as the backup image is only ~400MB instead of ~150GB). I used my handy usb<->every kind of HD adaptor with VMware (connect original drive and image it, then connect new drive. Restore the image onto the new drive and say "yes" when winmfs asks to expand it to fill the drive).

Comcast should arrive Friday morning with the cablecard(s) ($24 install fee - they don't offer a self-install option).

UPDATE: Comcast tech said it was the easiest cablecard install he has done (it worked on the first M card he tried - he said it usually takes a couple of tries with different cards to get things to work). Most of the time was spent with him waiting on hold to the same number that normal people call and then him waiting for the TiVo to download/process updated guide data because he wanted to make sure that the dual-tuner worked.

And because I'll forget unless I put it somewhere:
To make the 'return to live' button do 30 second skip instead -
Select -> Play -> Select -> 3 -> 0 -> Select


The article mentions the Milgram experiment (which has had a lasting effect on how I think about things ever since I first heard about it), and also links to the very interesting Implicit Associations Tests.

I'm sure David already knows about them, but if not, I'm sure at least he will find them interesting.

I would encourage anyone who has a few minutes to take at least one of those tests.

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