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I got sick of fixing things when I went to do 'emerge update' on my gentoo box, so I changed my ACCEPT_KEYWORDS thinking that if I didn't try to download the 'unstable' versions that things would 'just work', but I was wrong.

So I'm installing debian. So far, it's faring much better than it did the last time I tried it (and I've only had to manually interfere with the installer once to fix the grub configuration).

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Just got back from Redi Care South, where a doctor finally listened to me.

They ran the quick test again, and it was negative, but since Anne's labwork came back positive and it's very likely that I have what she has, he wrote up a prescription for Zithromax.

So, I should be non-contagious before Tania's cousin arrives from the UK and should start feeling better soon.

(non-sarcastic) Yay!

At some point, my girlfriend (Anne) was exposed to Streptococcus pyogenes. Of course, that means I was exposed through her.

On Wednesday morning, we both woke up with extremely sore throats. She immediately called her Doctor's office and got an appointment that day. I took her there. She was given a prescription for Amoxicillin. They swabbed her throat and sent it out for the strep test.

I decided to be stoic and just see how things went.

We both slept for most of Wednesday.

On Thursday, she went to work, and I attempted to work also. After she got done with work, she was feeling much better (although still sick), while I felt like crap.

She convinced me to contact the Sparrow After Hours Center. She drove me there, where the doctor swabbed my throat, and wrote down my symptoms (sore throat had subsided, I didn't have a fever, my sinuses were very full - pressure and pain, my throat and glands are swollen, I'm very tired). The 'fast' strep. test (with a 10% false-negative rate according to the doctor) said that I did not have strep. The doctor did not prescribe antibiotics for me (even though I explained that Anne had the same problem, was on antibiotics, and was feeling much better). Instead, I was told that I could take decongestants (which I had already taken and they did not help) and ibuprofen.

We then drove to Anne's apartment. There was a message on her answering machine from her doctor's office. They had the results back from the lab, and she did indeed have strep.

So, today I called my Dr's office. Unfortunately, my Dr. is out until Monday. I have an appointment for then (which I'll cancel if I can find another way to get treatment). I suppose I can attempt to call the Sparrow After Hours center at 5PM when they open.

I feel worse this morning than I did yesterday. I'm very irritated that the doctor didn't write me a prescription. I understand that it's important to not over-prescribe antibiotics (so that we preserve their effectiveness), but in this case, I believe that the doctor had enough evidence to go ahead and write the prescription.

So, now instead of being on antibiotics and starting to feel better, I get to be sick for the weekend.


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88-key fully-weighted hammer-action keyboard with velocity and release velocity. /Drool/.

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One good thing about forgetting to eat lunch on Friday ....

You can stop working an hour early.


Now for some food.

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I'm starting to think that my current email archiving solution is sub-optimal.

The gzip/bzip2 archives I have are space-efficient, but are a pain when I want to look through them for that email from 3 months ago (or 2 years ago) that I deleted from my normal mailbox (which is the whole reason why I keep the archives).

I'm thinking of using something like MailTools to push my archives into a database (and maybe eventually call it from procmail to push all new messages into the db). I could then make a simple web application to search the archives.

Maybe I'll have some spare time this weekend to see how feasible it is.


I was looking through my pictures with the new iPhoto (it really is much faster), and I came across this image of my nephew that I really like.

He is cute :)

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