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Since Apple is going to bundle blojsom with Mac OS X 10.4 Server, I'll probably be looking at it a little more closely in the near future.

I'll have to see what it would take to move my MT content to it. It'll definitely be in the running versus MT 3.0 (which I won't even consider unless/until there is threaded comment support either in the release or in a plugin, and since they don't really offer a free version like before, I won't be building a plugin with that functionality for them).


Firefly movie should be even better.

You can build yourself up into rabid consumerist frenzy by visiting the official web site:

If you sign up for an account you supposedly get discounts on merchandise.

I'm still digesting this, but it appears that police officers can now stop you (for no reason), demand ID, and arrest you if you refuse to comply.


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From an interview with Steve Jobs:

"...it turns out the music companies make more money when we sell a song for 99 cents than they do when they sell it on a CD."

<begin sarcasm>
Who would have thought providing music for download would be a cheaper delivery method than mass producing CDs.
</end sarcasm>

So, really, the music companies should be lowering prices they charge online resellers (instead of trying to raise them), but that's probably not going to happen.


I followed a link to an interesting post that does a good job of analyzing the leaked portion of the Walker Working Group Report (the "Torture Memo").

You should probably read it.


Mac OS X client makes a pretty good server.

There's not much I've had to adjust to get it to handle what I've been throwing at it.

I did mess with some default sysctl values so that I could give a larger block of shared memory to postgres:


With 10.2 I made a copy of /System/Library/StartupItems/SystemTuning/ and put it in /Library/StarupItems/SystemTuning/ and then modified the script contained within with these new values. For 10.3, I could just paste them into /etc/sysctl.conf

... recently there have been a few power outages over by Jared, and when the machine comes back up the deluge of queued mail has pretty much melted the machine. Since all email is run through spamassassin, and the machine isn't the fastest server in the world, it was causing problems (the load would get extremely high and sendmail would stop accepting connections and it seemed that it was just unable to drain the queued up mail from the backup mx host).

I managed to fix this by giving spamd the -m 5 option to only spawn 5 scanning processes at a time. This keeps the load lower and allows things to move more quickly through the system. (Incidentally, I discovered this when perusing some documentation for the as-yet-unreleased 3.0 version of spamassassin).

The next time the power outage happened, though, I had a different problem. I ran out of processes.

See Mac OS X client has a relatively conservative setting of 512 for kern.maxproc, while Mac OS X Server sets this to 2048. So I upped this as well and things seem to be going more smoothly.

I also upped kern.ipc.somaxconn to 512 so that up to 512 pending messages will queue up waiting for an available spamassassin child. I am not sure, but I might have to recompile perl for this change to actually do anything (ie perl -MSocket -e'print SOMAXCONN' prints 128 after the change). I'm also not sure if this setting is a good idea, or if I need to change anything else along with it (I thought I might need to change kern.ipc.maxsockets, but that appears to be something you cannot change via sysctl (it may require a kernel recompile, I'm not sure)).

In any event, this entry is really just here so that I can remember to set things up like this when I move geeklair.net over to a 10.3 machine:

% cat /etc/sysctl.conf

UPDATE: Since I don't feel like rebuilding perl and all my perl modules, and I don't actually know what other things this may effect, I've set kern.ipc.somaxconn back to it's deafult value (128) for now. This merits further investigation when I get some time.

I've been maintaining a few ports for a while (and in general trying to be helpful for the project).

I've been granted CVS access (and the dluke@opendarwin.org email address).

This is cool :)

Hopefully I'll get some time to do more work (add additional ports, maybe eventually make some improvements to the base darwinports system, perhaps someday help with the opendarwin releases). I suppose it will all mostly depend on how much time I can find to work on stuff.

I'm pretty excited about it. I imagine that there will be a note sent out to the mailing list and a post on the Project News section of the website soon too.

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The 'remixed' commercials here are worth checking out.

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Just listen. (iTunes required).

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