March 2008 Archives has been acting a little strangely for me on 10.5 (incorrect unread message counts for mailboxes, occasionally stalling for a minute or so before displaying a message - especially while synchronizing).

Some searching online led me to suspect that the Envelope Index sqlite database was in in need of a vacuum.


1. Quit
2. Run $ sqlite3 ~/Library/Mail/Envelope\ Index vacuum
3. Wait.
4. Launch

So far, it seems to have helped immensely. (In a year or so, I'll probably need to search for this post to do it again - it might make sense to turn on auto_vacuum, but it looks like it needs to be turned on before the tables are set up).


Sorry, no pictures (to protect their shame).

I recently gave both cats (Boris and Viktor) a bath. They did not entirely enjoy the experience, but they are both much softer and smell nice. As you might expect, Boris eventually realized that he wasn't going to be able to escape the bath and let me finish without too much struggle. Viktor never stopped trying to escape.

If you've ever visited my house, you know that of the two cats, Viktor's fur is significantly coarser feeling than Boris'. I had assumed that this was just a reflection of differences in their hair.

It's not.

After bathing both of them, Viktor's hair is as soft as Boris'. Viktor is just much worse at cleaning himself.

I guess this means that somewhat regular baths are in their future.

(Maybe I'll take wet cat pictures next time.)


I've switched MT from running under mod_fastcgi to run under mod_fcgid, as MT seems to get 'confused' (and leak memory) after running for a while and I don't see a mod_fastcgi option to restart things run as FastCGIServers. (mod_fcgid defaults to restarting things on occasion and has a knob that allows me to tweak it).

mod_fastcgi stays around to run the WebObjects adaptor, for now at least, though.

So far, things are looking good, but as usual, let me know if you notice any problems.

Update: I switched things back to mod_fastcgi as fcgid seemed to have a problem with how MT does image uploads.

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