February 2005 Archives

I just broke three tools trying to loosen my crank pulley bolt ...

Thank goodness for the craftsman replacement policy.

... except that now I have to wait for someone to come back with a car before I can do any more...

Oh well.

Update: Got new tools. Defeated bolt. I am happy.


I was wondering why the plugin I've modified to help prevent comment and trackback spam wasn't saving its cache properly. Turns out, it's a bug with how MT interacts with postgres.

Fortunately, I found a solution here: David Raynes: Getting Postgres and Movable Type to play well together.

Guess I've just added yet another patch to my ever-growing MT patch collection (it seems like they would have incorporated this fix or something like it already ... but oh well).

Update: Upgrading to MT 3.16 required changing the mt_plugindata plugindata_data column to type bytea but still requires this patch to work.

Computer internet bulging out. Yeah, oh.

Famous ladies always like SBEMAIL!

... but I modified the comment filtering code I have in place (which is working fairly well ... or at least well enough for now) to also filter trackback pings.

Hopefully it will be enough.

Update: Fixed a typo that prevented this from working. It seems to be working now, though.

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