November 2007 Archives

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, so I've switched the IS300 to snow tires (thus preventing it from snowing for the next several weeks).

Of course, the car's handling has felt a little off for the last month or so, and after swapping the tires, I see why. The inside edge of all 4 tires has worn down very far (there's almost no tread left on the inside edge of the rear tires, and very little on the inside edge of the front tires). Some reading on the internets indicates that this may be the 'normal' wear pattern for the factory's alignment settings (but that new and alternative alignment settings are available to help). I'll see if I can find more information, but I'll probably have someone (Toyota of Grand Rapids) look at it in the spring when I'll be purchasing a new set of non-snow tires.

[Which means I get about 4 months of time to decide which tires I want ;-) ]

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