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I just uploaded a bunch more pictures into Gallery.

Along with the 'normal' slideshow feature, you can also order prints of pictures you like (via shutterfly.com or www.photoaccess.com).

It's neat.

Spy Agency Data After Sept. 11 Led F.B.I. to Dead Ends - New York Times

"More than a dozen current and former law enforcement and counterterrorism officials, including some in the small circle who knew of the secret program and how it played out at the F.B.I., said the torrent of tips led them to few potential terrorists inside the country they did not know of from other sources and diverted agents from counterterrorism work they viewed as more productive."

There is opportunity cost associated with the illegal warrant-less domestic spying. Time and effort spent following pointless leads is wasted (and could have been spent elsewhere).

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"TSA regional spokeswoman Carrie Harmon said the agency tells airlines not to deny boarding to children under 12 or select them for extra security checks even if their names match ones on the list."

Lansing State Journal: 4-year-old boy shows up on government 'no-fly' list

This is on its way.


Now I just need to find time to take apart a car and put it back together :)

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