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Michael Moore's latest movie has now grossed more than any Disney film this year. It's a good thing Michael Eisner refused to let Miramax distribute it at the last minute.

As if Disney shareholders weren't upset with him already ...

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Take a look.


Today I traded in my 2000 Toyota Celica GTS for a 1991 Toyota Celica Turbo AllTrac.

It's cool.

I don't get it until tomorrow, though :(


My sister sent me a link to a site describing the cost of our war in Iraq.

It's worth a read.

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The UPS guy delivered the CPU upgrade a few minutes ago.

The Giga Designs Dual 1.2GHz G4 Processor Upgrade installed very easily. (I had a brief scare when I thought that my machine wouldn't boot with the new processor card, but after hitting the motherboard reset switch, everything appears to be running fine).

There is noticeably more fan noise (seeing as there are two fans over the processors, where there used to be none), but it is not too bad.

It came jumpered to 1.2 Ghz (the processors are Motorolla 1000Mhz 7455s, but Giga Designs guarantees 1.2Ghz operation, and things seem to be ok so far).

Mac OS X is running much more quickly now.

This machine will be screaming as a server when I replace geeklair.net with it (especially if I pick up some SCSI drives ...).


I just spent 40 minutes restoring my svn repository from backup and getting all of the changes I had committed since the backup back in the repo.

... because it looks like jared lost power when I was in the middle of a commit.

BDB is supposed to have 'real' transaction support and should be ok, but the database refused to recover.

It is the dumb.

I suppose I should see about creating a postgres backend for it ;-)

I purchased a CPU upgrade for my main machine, and I'm awaiting UPS now (it should arrive today). Since I've been finding myself seriously CPU-bound lately, this should help.

Just for kicks, I tried putting my flashed GeForce 2 MX back into the computer. To my surprise, it worked fine. I'm guessing that the driver in the ROM on the card is just no good, so the installer didn't want to work with it, but the driver included with Mac OS X works just fine.

So, I get Quartz Extreme again, too. What an unexpected surprise.

When I get a new machine (probably sometime this summer) and this machine becomes the new geeklair.net server, I'll probably put the original videocard back in (I suspect it uses less power - and the less hackish the server is, the better).

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