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I have a script that runs on my server and alerts me to available software updates.

Since 10.2.8's version of the 'softwareupdate' command line tool doesn't let you add/remove ignored updates (like 10.3's does), and since I don't feel like making my stupid script any smarter, I decided to install the QuickTime652-6.5.2 update.

Of course, like previous QuickTime updates, it stalls after printing 'Installing "QuickTime"... 50%' a few times.

A little checking and it looks like there's a perl 'preflight' script that is running and is stalled. Killing it aborts the install.

A quick read-through of the script reveals the secret:

(tcsh syntax)

Setting that variable will prevent the QT installer from attempting to show the alter/registration dialog and so the headless install can continue.


I found this article interesting as I'm currently sitting in a very cold meeting room.


More from Salon on the "Bush was wired" story.

They include two new pictures of a possible listening device (and include the idea that perhaps it's a device fitted by the Secret Service with descrambling capability).

The administration and campaign officials are saying that it was just a wrinkle in his jacked, but that doesn't seem right since it's rectangular and keeps showing up.

But the real question is probably, if he had a device of some sort, why wasn't it hidden better? ;-)


I love The Daily Show.

Last night Bill O'Reilly was the guest. If you can get past his claim to have no decided who he is going to vote for yet (what crap), you might notice that his 2 things the administration have done right are kind of suspect:

1. No attack(s) since Sept. 11
2. No economic depression

Yikes. If that's _really_ all the Bush administration has done, no wonder I feel so strongly about him not being re-elected.

Salon day passes suck, but there's an article you should read there.

It seems that Bush may have had a radio receiver taped to his back during the debate.

There's an independently generated image here as well.

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