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Darwinports doesn't currently expose a way for the perl module ports (p5-foo) to say that they need to be rebuilt when upgrading perl.

So, one needs to remove all of the p5-foo ports and re-install them after upgrading.

Here's one way of doing it (tcsh):

$ port installed | grep p5 | cut -f 3 -d " " > perl_ports.txt
$ foreach i (`cat perl_ports.txt`)
foreach -> sudo port -d -v -f uninstall $i
foreach -> sudo port -d -v -f clean --archive $i
foreach -> end


$ foreach i (`cat perl_ports.txt`)
foreach -> sudo port -d -v install $i
foreach -> end


After 30-some days of uptime since I last saw this problem, authentication seems to be broken on geeklair.net again (and will be until I can get someone to reboot the machine).

It looks like things are getting stuck inside the security server, here's a sample from mutt getting stuck:

Analysis of sampling pid 19227 every 10.000000 milliseconds
Call graph:
985 Thread_0f0f
985 start
985 _start
 985 main
  985 mx_open_mailbox
   985 libintl_dcigettext
    985 _nl_locale_name_default
     985 CFLocaleCopyCurrent
      985 __CFApplicationPreferencesCopyCurrentState
       985 _CFStandardApplicationPreferences
        985 CFNotificationCenterAddObserver
         985 _CFXNotificationRegister
          985 __CFGetSessionIDString
           985 __CFGetSessionID
            985 SessionGetInfo
             985 Security::SecurityServer::ClientSession::getSessionInfo(unsigned long&, unsigned long&)
              985 Security::SecurityServer::ClientSession::activate()
               985 Security::ModuleNexus::operator()()
                985 Security::ModuleNexusCommon::create(void* (*)())
                 985 Security::ModuleNexus::make()
                  985 Security::SecurityServer::ClientSession::Global::Global[unified]()
                   985 ucsp_client_setup
                    985 mach_msg
                     985 mach_msg_trap
                      985 mach_msg_trap

Total number in stack (recursive counted multiple, when >=5):

Sort by top of stack, same collapsed (when >= 5):
mach_msg_trap 985

I guess I'm off to Apple's website to see if I can find the relevant source and try to figure out why this is happening.

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Used Yamaha grand piano (5'8" G2) S/N E1843032

Per Yamaha's piano age website it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan in June of 1974.

It's similar to the currently produced C2, but it is of course, older.

It's relatively beat up (after having lived in a Radisson), but the soundboard and action look good.

It will probably be ready sooner than 3-4 weeks, but I don't want to get too impatient. There is some painting that is being done and the lid needs new hinges, which have to be ordered.

I think I know how I want to position it in the living room, now I just have to do some cleaning and make the space available (and remove the banister so that it can be moved in more easily).

I'm very excited.

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I just bought a piano.

It should be here in 3-4 weeks.

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