Piano! (2)

Used Yamaha grand piano (5'8" G2) S/N E1843032

Per Yamaha's piano age website it was manufactured in Hamamatsu, Japan in June of 1974.

It's similar to the currently produced C2, but it is of course, older.

It's relatively beat up (after having lived in a Radisson), but the soundboard and action look good.

It will probably be ready sooner than 3-4 weeks, but I don't want to get too impatient. There is some painting that is being done and the lid needs new hinges, which have to be ordered.

I think I know how I want to position it in the living room, now I just have to do some cleaning and make the space available (and remove the banister so that it can be moved in more easily).

I'm very excited.

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1 Comment

kewl :)

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