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Divided court rejects school diversity plans - CNN.com

"A conservative majority led by Chief Justice John Roberts said other means besides race considerations should be used to achieve diversity in schools."

What kind of diversity? Racial diversity, of course. ... but you can't use race to create racial diversity - you have to use some stand in because otherwise people who are used to their privilege will be upset that you're taking it away from them.


On the macports mailing list, people were complaining that the old MacPorts guide isn't posted anywhere anymore (since OpenDarwin is gone, and it hasn't been set up by the folks running MacOS Forge - the new macports host - yet).

So, I whipped up a script checkout/update the guide's docbook XML from the macports repository and re-generate the html once a day.

MacPorts Guide

It's a little out of date, but still contains some useful information. I imagine that the people interested in updating it will be a little more eager to do so now that it's posted somewhere where there changes can be read.

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