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Today I'm 25.


Lansing State Journal:Cox's opinion restricts same-sex benefits

The state can't offer same sex domestic partner benefits (or even continue offering same sex domestic partner benefits that were part of an already negotiated contract) but it can offer benefits to people designated by employees.

Stupid stupid Proposal 2.

Shame on Michigan for passing it.

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Silly blogspammer ....

Here's a good article that uses lessons learned from 100 years (or so) of industrial efficiency studies. IGDA - Articles - Why Crunch Mode Doesn't Work: 6 Lessons

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1. Engine removed ... done.
2. Water pump replaced ... done.
3. Timing belt replaced ... done.
4. Fuel filter replaced ... done.
5. Transmission removed ... done.
6. Clutch and flywheel removed and replaced ... done.
7. Shifter cable bushings replaced with ball bearings ... done.

8. Transmission rebuild (not by me ;-) ) ... pending.
9. Put everything back ... pending.

I can see the end soon.

Of course, I want to buy a few more parts and replace some other stuff while I've got everything apart, but that's ok :)


"It's a profoundly religious message, but it's a profoundly religious message believed in by a vast majority of the American people," Scalia said.

And obviously, everything that the vast majority of the American people think is right _is_ right.

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